How do I eat vegan on a budget?


  • How to Be Vegan on a Budget (The Complete Guide)

    With a little bit of knowledge, a healthy diet bursting with taste and nutrients will fit your budget even if you have to count every penny. These 14 tips will get you the most bang for your buck.

  • Vegan on a budget

    Shopping for a balanced vegan diet doesn’t have to be any more expensive than shopping for a non-vegan diet. With our tips and your creativity, you may even find yourself saving money.

  • Vegan on a budget

    There has been skepticism claiming that a vegan diet is more costly than a meat-based one. Through my own transition period, I realized that living on a vegan diet can be less expensive than a meat-based one. Here are some ways I was able to bust the myth.

  • Vegan Lifestyle on a Budget

    Veganism can easily be tailored to fit into most people’s lives, regardless of income. Here are some ideas to help you save money while you’re shopping.


  • Plant-Based on a Budget Support Group

    Our goal is to foster a compassionate, welcoming, supportive community. Bring ideas, support and photos of all your delicious plant-based food. Take inspiration for your journey.

  • Vegan on a Budget

    Here is a safe place to share any recipes, products, tips and tricks to help save a few bucks in the checkout line. We welcome experienced vegans and those looking to transition.


  • Plant-Based on a Budget

    We show how affordable, easy, and delicious eating a plant-based diet can be, how you don’t have to shop at specialty grocery stores or restock your pantry with all kinds of unfamiliar products and substitutes, and, most of all, how you don’t have to sacrifice time, taste, or money in the pursuit of healthier, tastier eating.

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Guide Updated May 30, 2022

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