How do I find a vegan festival?

Vegan festivals, or VegFests, are great places to sample vegan food and products. They typically promote the vegan lifestyle with vegan food vendors, cruelty-free vendors, and speakers. They can be a great kickstart if your are veg-curious, or a welcome support if you are already vegan. We created this guide to provide tips on how to find these events.

How to Find Upcoming Vegan Festivals and Markets

A great way to find vegan festivals and markets near you is to search online for keywords like “vegfest” or “vegan festival” and your city or state’s name (Example: vegfest new york city). Some of the results will be for past events but they will give you ideas for what festivals are near you. And you can join their newsletters or follow them on social media to find out when the next event is scheduled.

Google also makes it even easier to search for vegan festivals near you by pulling in upcoming events from all over the internet. You can search for “vegan festival near me” on Google and you will receive a list of upcoming events near you. You can also do something similar on Facebook and then filter your results by location (Facebook search link).

Lists of Upcoming Vegan Festivals

  • Upcoming VegFests

    VegFund maintains a great list of upcoming vegan festivals that they support. VegFund empowers vegan advocates worldwide through grant funding and supporting effective outreach that inspires people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

  • HappyCow’s Vegan Festivals Events Calendar

    Vegan Festivals Events Calendar: Find events happening worldwide. Including: VegFest Events, vegan festivals, vegetarian, vegfests, animal rights conferences, earth day fairs, and any medium to large event with over 15 vendors.

  • Vegan Festivals Directory has a directory of major vegan festivals and events happening around the world.

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Guide Updated November 4, 2022

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