How do I get vegan meals delivered?

Vegan-Friendly Meal Delivery

It can be hard to find a vegan-friendly meal delivery service that will deliver vegan meals to your door. There are websites claiming to have a list of the “10 best vegan meal delivery services,” but many of the services are out of business or no longer offer vegan menus. And those websites often only show services that are paying them to be listed. is a worldwide directory of meal delivery services that deliver plant-based and vegan meals to your door. They will list any meal delivery service that offers vegan meals, as long as they have an easy way for people to order only from their vegan menu. And VegMealDelivery doesn’t charge businesses a fee to be listed.

Each service will have different pricing, order options and delivery frequency. Wherever possible VegMealDelivery tries to make that information clear on their listing.

You get to decide whether you want a few meals per week to make it easier to eat more plants without having to cook, or if you want to replace more of your meals with a vegan option. This can help you eat healthier as you get more comfortable with cooking on your own.

VegMealDelivery plant-based meals delivered to your door

Visit VegMealDelivery to get vegan meals delivered to your door.

Non-vegan Delivery Services

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Guide Updated May 30, 2022

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