How do I replace meat?

Do you want to replace the meat in your diet with vegan alternatives? Are you struggling with breaking free of cravings? Just look in the refrigerated and deli sections of your favorite supermarket or natural foods store to find many alternatives. You can also use different ingredients like tofu and tempeh to replicate flavors, textures, and tastes right at home.

Start Here

  • Vegan Food Substitution Guide

    This list is by no means exhaustive but it will get you started on the right foot without needing to find a store-bought vegan meat product.

  • Vegan Meat Shopping Guide

    From burgers to bacon to wings; there are vegan versions of just about any meat product on the market. For ease of use, this shopping guide is broken out into six different categories: Deli slices, bacon, and jerky; Burgers, sausages, hot dogs, and ribs; Chicken-style; Beef-style; Turkey, Ham, and Holiday Roasts; and Seafood.

Tips and Recipes

  • How to Use Beans as a Meat Substitute in Any Recipe

    There are lots of plant foods that make very tasty substitutes for meat, including—and especially—beans. Here’s how the hearty legumes can replace beef, chicken, pork, and even bacon in your favorite recipes.

  • 29 Spicy Vegan Wing Recipes

    Wings don’t need to include chicken. Ingredients like seitan, cauliflower, or soy also create sticky, indulgent, spicy appetizers to please any crowd.

  • How do I find a vegan recipe?

    We have listed a few recipe websites where you can find lots of vegan recipes to replace any type of meat dish you can think of.

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Guide Updated November 6, 2022

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