How do I find a vegan-friendly movie?

It can be hard to find something vegan-friendly to watch. There are articles claiming to have a list of the “top 10 vegan movies,” but they are all different and subjective. And then they don’t link to where we can easily watch a movie, or the links are broken, or the site doesn’t include the trailer so we can decide if we want to watch it.

Some movies can even be pretty hard to find because they were released decades ago. And what about having a warning if there is graphic content that we may get triggered by? solves all of those problems as the largest directory of plant-based and animal-friendly movies. They list movies that have a vegan message, a vegan character, the goal of reducing or exposing animal suffering and exploitation, a focus on climate change, or a focus on sustainability that does not specifically recommend consuming or exploiting animals.

Visit to find something vegan-friendly to watch or recommend today.

Guide Updated May 30, 2022

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