How do I find vegan shoes?

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  • How to Buy Vegan Shoes

    Whether you are new to buying vegan shoes or been doing it for years – one of the biggest challenges is knowing how to make sure they are vegan. Here are seven key steps to use when purchasing vegan and cruelty-free shoes.

  • Understanding Glues for Vegan Shoes

    Finding a vegan shoe is often a challenge because of the glue. Many companies don’t know what the glues in their shoes are made from. So we reached out to the authorities at PETA with some questions, and we got some answers.


  • Vegan Shoes From 100% Vegan Brands

    Shopping for vegan shoes is easiest when buying from 100% vegan brands. Sure, you can check labels at department or big-box stores — or you can choose any pair of shoes from these vegan brands.

  • Where to Buy Vegan Shoes

    We want to help you on your vegan buying journey. To do that we’ve provided some of our favorite spots to shop for vegan shoes.

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Guide Updated January 11, 2021

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