How do I get enough protein without beans?

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First read our guide on How do I get enough protein? if you haven’t already. Then read on to learn ways to tolerate beans better and where else you can get protein.

Ways to Tolerate Beans Better

  • How to Include Beans into Your Vegan Diet Without Causing a Stink

    It’s the socially unacceptable phenomenon that many try to conceal: flatulence. Here’s how to include beans in your vegan diet without causing a stink.

  • Difficulty Digesting Beans and Legumes? Try These Tips.

    Some people have difficulty digesting beans and miss out on all the nutrition and variety they provide. With these few tips most people have no problem eating a variety of beans and legumes.

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  • 7 Tips To Help You Digest Beans Better

    Our bodies adjust to new foods quite quickly and there are things you can do to make eating beans a lot more comfortable.

Other Sources of Protein

  • The 16 Best Sources of Vegan Protein

    Here’s a list of 16 vegan protein sources to add to your breakfast, lunch, and dinners during the week. Beans are included in the list.

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Guide Updated November 6, 2022

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