How do I find vegan events?

We created this guide to help you find vegan events and get the support you need on your vegan journey.

When we first went vegan we knew that we would need to find other vegans in order to get support along the way and stick with it. So we started looking for every vegan event we could find. We found local vegan festivals, vegan potlucks, and restaurant meetups where people only ordered the vegan items on the menu. We met great people and made great friends. And we thrived.

We started meeting people who were vegan or interested in going vegan but didn’t know any other vegans. And they didn’t know about the vegan events near them. They didn’t know about the vegan potluck hosted every month in their neighborhood, or the yearly vegan festival right down the street. They didn’t know about all of the great new friends just waiting to meet them.

With just a little effort you can find vegan events near you.

Event Attendance Ideas

Vegan Festivals  •  Vegan Conferences  •  Potlucks  •  Restaurant Meetups  •  Film Screenings  •  Vegan Outreach  •  Animal Rights Protests  •  Visit a Farmed Animal Sanctuary  •  Volunteer at a Farmed Animal Sanctuary

How to Find a Local Group

  • is a great place to find local or online vegan events. You can search their site by keywords and location. Most Meetup “groups” are free to join and you can follow them as they schedule new events. You can search for vegan groups near you that are on Meetup. And you can also search for vegan events near you on Meetup. You can also look for animal rights groups.

  • Facebook

    There are many vegan groups on Facebook for people in specific cities and states. You can search for “vegan” on Facebook, and you can add a city or state to your search term to find out if there are any local groups (example: “vegan tennessee”).

  • Internet Searches

    You can use your favorite search engine to search for vegan groups in your city or state. Example search: vegan group Maryland

Other Places to Find Events

  • Eventbrite

    Search for “vegan” events on Eventbrite, one of the leading events management platforms.

  • Google

    Google makes it easy to search for vegan events near you by pulling in upcoming events from all over the internet. You can search for “vegan” in Google’s events section and you will receive a list of upcoming events near you.

  • Facebook

    You can search on Facebook for “vegan” events, and then you can filter your results by location (Facebook search link).

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Guide Updated November 4, 2022

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